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Deep Communication in the School-Enterprise Strategic Cooperation, President Liu Yuan Urging to Promote Employment by Creating Positions

作者:    信息来源:    发布时间: 2023-05-22

On May 16, Guo Zhanbiao (郭占彪), chairman of Henan Guojian Culture and Tourism Group Co., Ltd. (河南国建文旅集团有限公司) and secretary general of Henan Travel Agency Association (河南省旅行社协会), Shen Yong (沈勇), deputy general manager of Henan Guojian Culture and Tourism Group Co., Ltd. (河南国建文旅集团有限公司), and Gu Genquan (谷根全) from Henan China Travel Service Group Co., Ltd. (河南省中国旅行社集团有限公司) were invited to the school to hold a discussion on the supply and demand of student’s employment. College President Liu Yuan gave a warm welcome to Chairman Guo Zhanbiao and other invitees.

At the meeting, Guo Zhanbiao briefly introduced the development of his company, and praised the excellent performance of the students during their internship in the company. Liu Yuan expressed his gratitude toward Henan Guojian Culture and Tourism Group Co., Ltd. for its recognition and support of the college talent training. Through this face-to-face exchange, two parties further deepened the mutual understandings between schools and enterprises, and both intended to carry out in-depth cooperation in student internship, graduate employment, social practice, and other aspects. The college also gained from this meeting a more detailed understanding of the employment needs of enterprises, which is conducive for the college to guide students to find their own career orientation, laying a foundation for students to adapt to the internship and achieve high-quality employment successfully.

Liu Yuan stated that the college attaches great importance to the high-quality employment of students. The college has urged relevant departments of student employment, aside from the daily work of promoting and guiding students in employment and helping them with difficulties in finding jobs, to further strengthen the positive interaction with high-end enterprises and try their best to win more high-quality jobs for our students. In addition, those departments should also perfect the building of the college employment information website for the graduation season as soon as possible, on which recruitment information from outstanding enterprises should be timely released.

Liu Yuan pointed out that the issue of the poor environment for student employment has become increasingly prominent in recent years. It’s necessary for us colleges to put more effort into solving student's employment issues by conducting research projects, and investigate the employment needs of students, so as to gain insights into what students want and need. During the investigation, we should pay special attention to the salary, career prospects, housing demand, rest and vacation arrangement, "one-hour commuting circle" and other issues that students are most concerned about, and explore tailored countermeasures to solve these problems, giving full play to the functions of the college in talent training, scientific research, social services and others.

Chen Gongyi (陈功义), director of the Science and Technology Training Center, Wang Xiuhong (王秀红), director of the College of Tourism Management, Zhang Jianfeng (张剑锋), deputy director of the Enrollment and Employment Office and other leaders attended the meeting.