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​The Female Basketball Team of Our School Winning First Achievement in the 29th Henan College Students "Huaguang Cup" Sports Activity

作者:    信息来源:    发布时间: 2023-05-22

The 29th Henan College Students "Huaguang" Sports Basketball Competition, sponsored by the Education Department of Henan Province (河南省教育厅) and hosted by Henan Students' Sports Association (河南省学生体育总会), was held from April 22 to 26 in Zhengzhou Technology and Business University (郑州工商学院) and the female basketball team of our college has won the first prize.

This competition is a provincial competition, with the team of a college or university as the participating unit. Hundreds of contestants from higher vocational colleges across Henan province came and competed together at the arena to showcase their amazing talents.

During the game, the athletes of our college worked with each other closely and fought with intrepidity and perseverance, unwilling to let any scoring chance slip by, and eventually, they made it into the final game. On the second day, the team went all out in the competition in spite of their lack of strength and exhaustion from yesterday’s games. With the joint endeavors of all the athletes and coaches, the team finally won the runner-up.