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Academician Liu Jiaqi was Appointed as the Chief Advisor of "Double High" Construction at Henan Vocation College of Agriculture

作者:    信息来源:    发布时间: 2023-03-22

On March 14, Academician Liu Jiaqi was appointed as the chief advisor of "Double High" Construction in Henan Vocation College of Agriculture, and the appointment ceremony was held in 4104 Conference Hall. Chen Jianjun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College, Liu Yuan, President of the College, Ge Yong, President of the Institute of Innovation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and members of the school leadership team attended the ceremony. Representatives of teachers and students of the college attended the ceremony. Chen Yueying, vice president of the college, presided over the ceremony.

Liu Yuan delivered a welcome speech, extending a warm welcome to Academician Liu Jiaqi on behalf of the college, and expressing sincere gratitude to Academician Liu for agreeing to be employed as a part-time cooperative guiding academician of our school. Liu Yuan introduced the achievements of the college since its establishment in 1952. Now the College is the construction unit of the high-level vocational college, national high-quality vocational college, national backbone vocational college, the first batch of the national pilot vocational college of modern apprenticeship, the first batch of the national pilot college of 1+X certificate system, provincial demonstrative vocational college, provincial pilot school of the comprehensive reform of "three-wide education".

Ge Yong introduced the profile of Academician Liu Jiaqi. Liu Jiaqi, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, research fellow and doctoral supervisor of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of China Expert Committee of World Natural Heritage, deputy director of Geological Society of China Tourism Geoscience and Geopark Research Association, and leading member (co-chairman) of  Commission on Monogenetic Volcanism. Academician Liu Jiaqi participated in the study of agricultural environmental geological status and its system status evaluation system in the Loess Plateau region, research on soil geology based on geological formation, research on agricultural ecology and green greenhouse, the national strategic research on revitalization of Northeast China and  leapfrog development of Xinjiang, the development of the Zhejiang coastal new area, the environment and development of Huaihe River Basin, and the Belt and Road Initiative, and actively guided and promoted the development and application of basalt fiber materials in China and made extraordinary contributions.

Signing Ceremony between President  Liu Yuan and Academician Liu Jiaqi

Signing Ceremony between President  Liu Yuan and Academician Liu Jiaqi

Secretary Chen Jianjun awarded a letter of appointment to Academician Liu Jiaqi

After the ceremony, Academician Liu Jiaqi gave an academic report to the representatives of teachers and students attending the meeting, introduced the related research results of green greenhouses, and gave guidance on the development of the College.

Liu Yuan said that it is a crucial period for the college to speed up the construction of a "double high” college and realize leapfrog development, and the first-class teaching staff is an important guarantee to promote the construction of a "double high” college. Academician Liu Jiaqi is a top scientist with pioneering and great value in his world-leading scientific research level and technological achievements. He has profound academic attainments and is such a high-level leader urgently needed by the college that will play a positive role and have a far-reaching influence on the "double high" construction, personnel training, scientific research and social services of our college. The College is fully aware of the importance and urgency of high-level leading talents in accelerating the construction of a "double high” college. In the spirit of being highly responsible for the development of the College, the College incorporates the concept of respecting, cherishing and serving talents in all work to create a better talent atmosphere, lay a solid talent foundation for realizing the goal of "double high" construction and strive to promote the high-quality development of the College.