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The College Held an Exchange and Cooperation Consultation Meeting with Altai State University

作者:    信息来源:    发布时间: 2023-03-22

On March 9, the college held a video conference in the conference room on the second floor of the administration building. The college and Altai State University had friendly exchanges and consultations on the cooperation between the two universities in teaching and scientific research. Dou Ruimu, the vice president, heads of the Scientific Research Foreign Affairs Office, School of Agricultural Engineering, School of Horticulture and Gardening, School of Food Engineering and School of Animal Husbandry Engineering, as well as Kolpakov Nikolai Anatolyevich, president of Altai State University, vice president for educational work Assistant to President of International Affairs, attended the video conference.

At the meeting, Dou Ruimu delivered a speech on behalf of the school and introduced the international exchanges and international cooperation of our school to the Russian counterpart. He pointed out that China and Russia are friendly neighbors with a long-standing friendship. With the development of the two countries, it becomes increasingly necessary for us to cooperate in the fields of economy, trade, science and technology, education and culture. Henan is a major agricultural province, and our school enrolled the most students in agricultural-related majors among higher vocational colleges in Henan Province and even the whole country. We have trained tens of thousands of technical talents for China's agricultural development and played an important role in the agricultural development of our province. Dou Ruimu said that our school has strong advantages in planting, breeding, processing and other specialties, and hopes to carry out scientific and technological cooperation and academic exchanges with Russia in related fields, promote the development of agricultural science and technology, and enhance the influence of both sides in cultivating international talents. Our school will summarize and match the specialties of both sides and hopes to reach cooperation with the Russian counterpart.

President Kolpakov Nikolai Anatolyevich introduced the basic information about Altai State University and said that the two sides signed an academic cooperation agreement last year through communication and exchanges in the past year or so. This video conference also signified the official start of our cooperation. He hopes that the two sides can have exchanges and cooperation on related specialties, and also hopes teachers and students of our school can go to Altai State University for exchange and study.

Later on, the two sides discussed specific issues regarding the proposed cooperation. Heads of secondary schools participating in the meeting introduced the specialties, teaching and scientific research needs and intentions respectively. Gao Suling, director of the Scientific Research Foreign Affairs Office, introduced the related majors that our school can participate in Sino-Russian cooperation. She said that the two sides have bright prospects for cooperation, and the college looks forward to holding symposiums, seminars and other related training on scientific research fields of common concern. This video conference has further promoted the in-depth exchanges and cooperation between the two universities, marking a new step in the internationalization process of our school.