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President Liu Yuan led a team to Liuyue Village, Shangcai County to investigate the Assistance of Resident Officials

作者:    信息来源:    发布时间: 2023-01-16

On January 12, 2023, Liu Yuan, President of Henan Vocation College of Agriculture, Gao Yanling, Vice President, Du Yun, Director of the Organization Department of the School Party Committee, Men Baoquan, Director of CPC Publicity Department, and other delegates, accompanied by Liu Xiaowen, deputy mayor of Zhumadian City, Wu Juan, member of the Standing Committee of Shangcai County Committee and Minister of United Front Department, Wang Yinpeng, director of the County Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and Jia Fuqiang, secretary of the Party Committee of Shaodian Town, braved the bitter cold to go to Liuyue Village, Shaodian Town, Shangcai County to carry out an investigation on the assistance of resident officials in the village and visited the grassroots-level officials to send warmth, offering greetings to the people that have just shaken off poverty and the staff of the resident team.

Liu Yuan and his delegation held a symposium in Liuyue Village Committee and listened to the report of Li Honggang, the first secretary in the village, on the basic situation of the village, the development of the agricultural industry, the establishment of the "Five-star" party branch, the poverty support and poverty alleviation situation and the report on the next step of the work plan of the resident team.

President Liu Yuan and his delegation listened to the work report of the first secretary in the village at Liuyue Village Committee

President Liu Yuan delivered a speech

Li Honggang, the first secretary of the village, gave a work report

Liu Yuan and his delegation visited the Village History Museum and the Yellow Ginger Exhibition Hall and donated travelling expenses to two poor students in Liuyue Village, Jiao Haoshuai and Jiao Mingming. Later, Liu Yuan and his delegation visited Zhang Cai and Dong Wang, two households that have just got rid of poverty, to learn more about their poverty causes, production and life, physical condition, children's schooling and employment, and encouraged them to cheer up and face life bravely. With the help of the poverty alleviation policies of the Party and the state, lives will get better and better. Individuals should be grateful for the Party, and be advanced representatives of both confidence and education.

Liu Yuan and his delegation donated travelling expenses of 500 yuan to Jiao Haoshuai and Jiao Mingming respectively.

Liu Yuan and his delegation visited Zhang Cai's home, a  household that has just got rid of poverty

Liu Yuan and his delegation visited Dong Wang’s home, a  household that has just got rid of poverty

Liu Yuan and his delegation visited the Village History Museum and the Yellow Ginger Exhibition Hall

Liu Yuan and his delegation went to Yunhe Meat Pigeon Farm for an investigation. They had a cordial conversations with leading enterprises, heads of cooperatives and households that have just got rid of poverty in the fields. They asked about the situation of resumption of work and production of enterprises and poverty support and learned about the planting area and varieties of characteristic agricultural products (small yellow ginger, grapes, peanuts, potatoes, etc.), especially under the circumstances of overcoming the difficulty brought by the epidemic, how to transform and upgrade the agricultural industry, provide support to the poor households to find jobs locally and increase income and efficiency.

Liu Yuan fully affirmed the work of the resident assistance team and the team of the two committees of the village and put forward specific requirements for the cooperation and assistance work between the College and the local government. He asked the first secretary in the village to keep in mind his duties and missions, perform his duties in a down-to-earth manner, take the lead in publicizing and studying the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, continuously consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, continuously strengthen the building of the primary-level Party committee, build a strong team of the two committees, give full play to the role of the Party branch and the exemplary leading role of Party members, and use the established "five-star" branch as a platform to raise all the work of Liuyue Village to a new level.

Liu Yuan stressed that it is necessary to give full play to the agricultural vocational colleges to carry out agricultural technical guidance and training, do more things that bring actual benefits, solve the difficulties and problems existing in work and life, and truly realize the example of cadres as representatives, leaders taking overall responsibility and units as backup force and models. Liu Yuan said, the resident team should also work in a down-to-earth manner, strive for the support of all parties, form synergy, develop the agricultural industry according to local conditions, make poverty alleviation by developing industries and businesses blossom and yield fruit in poor villages and towns, and bring tangible benefits to farmers and poor households, and strive to make new contributions to the poverty alleviation and rural revitalization work of the province.