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Fight the Epidemic to the End with Free Winter Clothes

作者:    信息来源:    发布时间: 2022-11-17

The weather is getting cold, but the epidemic situation is still grave and complex. Due to logistics constraints, some students are in short supply of winter clothes. The school leadership team made careful judgment immediately and distribute winter clothes to every student for free at the expense of the school.

According to the principle of “special arrangement for special cases where students are involved”, the school acted quickly, unloaded, disinfected, left for standing and distributed in strict accordance with the control requirements for essential supplies entering the campus during the epidemic. Chen Jianjun, the secretary of the Party committee, Liu Yuan, the President, Vice President Liu Rongning and Vice President Zhou Shifeng and other leaders directed the disinfection and distribution on site.

Students wore the clothes immediately after receiving them, walking on campus in groups of three and four, with sweet smiles on their faces, which has become an eye-catching view everywhere on the campus. Surprisingly, the warm clothes distributed by the school were also frequently mentioned in the We-media of teachers and students, warming the young heart of every student on campus.

Gao Jiying, a counselor of the School of Electromechanical Engineering, said: “Whether the 'charity fruit’ in the early days or the 'Warm-hearted Clothes' this time, the teachers and students saw with our eyes and were filled with touch and warm in our heart. It makes me further realize the determination of everyone to work together to defeat the epidemic in a special time.”

Shi Xingyan, a student of the School of Information Engineering, posted on her Moment, saying that "The beautiful red and handsome blue colors represent the generosity and warmth given by my Vocational College of Agriculture! One piece for every teacher and student, I believe this winter will not be cold anymore!

Wang Shuai, a student from Auto Repair Class 21-1, posted a message on the We-media platform Douyin: "From a pack of masks for everyone at the beginning to ‘crisp’ delicious apples, two packs of Chinese medicine for everyone some time ago, then an outdoor jacket for everyone today. From the start of the epidemic to now, there has not been a single positive case. Henan Vocation College of Agriculture has always taken good care of its students, and its students have always loved our school.”

A piece of warm clothes has brought warmth to students from the school, gathered the confidence of all students in fighting against the epidemic and youth power to defeat the epidemic, and demonstrated the school’s “student-oriented” education philosophy. Teachers and students will continue to unite hearts ad actions to make solid progress in the implementation of various epidemic prevention and control tasks and contribute to defeating COVID-19.