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Zhao Yuanjie, a Grade 2014 Alumnus of our School, Donated Epidemic Prevention Supplies

作者:    信息来源:    发布时间: 2022-11-17

He who is taught one day will be remembered for life. On the afternoon of October 29, Zhao Yuanjie, a Grade 2014 alumnus of the School of Electromechanical Engineering, donated 20,000 masks, 200 boxes of instant noodles, 200 boxes of egg-yolk pastries, and 200 boxes of soybean milk, proving strong support to the epidemic prevention and control of our school.

Zhao Yuanjie said, “I established Henan Xinweijie Culture Media Co., Ltd. after graduation. I benefited a lot from my school education. At the time of epidemic, I want to make my modest contribution and help my alma mater become better and better.”

Liu Rongning, Vice President of the College, accepted the donation on behalf of the College and expressed sincere gratitude to Zhao Yuanjie for his concern and care for the development of his alma mater. The College will coordinate the donated materials for the frontline of campus epidemic prevention and control to ensure the orderly progress of epidemic prevention and control work. Qiao Jiefa, Director of the Student Affairs Department of the Party Committee of our College, Man Shuguang, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Yao Guolin, the General Party Branch Secretary of the School of Electromechanical Engineering and other leaders participated in the donation activity.