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President Liu Yuan and His Fellow Officers Visited the Student Dormitory

作者:    信息来源:    发布时间: 2022-10-31

School leadership always keeps campus security in mind. On the evening of October 21, President Liu Yuan, accompanied by Yan Yincan, Party Secretary of the School of Finance and Accounting, Fan Bingyuan, Deputy Secretary, and counselors visited the dormitory and had a deep exchange with the students.

President Liu Yuan has a meticulous understanding of the students' recent life and study in dormitory life, online class effects and extracurricular activities. In the cordial conversation, students revealed their true feelings, including satisfaction, confusion and anxiety. President Liu Yuan gave specific guidance to students.

Liu Yuan said that it is necessary to strengthen the comprehensive quality education of students in student management so that students can fully develop in both collective and individual aspects. Only when students get all-round development can they enter society with more ease and face life confidently in the future.