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Our School Won the National Second Prize in the "Shouguan Cup" National Vocational College Big Data Financial Analysis Competition in Higher Vocational Group in 2022

作者:    信息来源:    发布时间: 2022-10-31

On October 24, the 2022 "Shouguan Cup" National Vocational College Big Data Financial Analysis Competition in Higher Vocational Group sponsored by China Business Accounting Institute, undertaken by Guangdong AIB Polytechnic and jointly supported by Beijing Shouguan Education Technology Group concluded. More than 1,000 teams from 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, after five rounds of selection and appraisal, 32 teams finally stood out and won the first, second and third prizes respectively. The "Wind Color" team of the School of Finance and Accounting of our College won the national second prize, and the "Dream Wings" team won the provincial first prize.

Instructors Liu Ke, Zhang Liwei and Li Zhen overcame various difficulties during the pandemic and directed students to actively prepare for the competition online from home. Zhang Yanli, the captain of the "Wind Color" team, and Guo Meng, the captain of the "Dream Wings" team, sacrificed their holiday and organized training for their team members during the National Day holiday. They insisted on practicing by online communication in the dormitory due to the pandemic and finally won first and second place in Henan Province respectively. The "Wind Color" team participated in the national competition with 32 teams from all over the country on behalf of Henan Vocation College of Agriculture. After a wonderful presentation and a quick-witted defense, it won the national second prize.

There are multiple rounds of selection in the competition, which integrates multiple skills such as basic accounting literacy, big data financial analysis skills, workplace etiquette, PPT production, presentation etc. The competition aims to stimulate the student’s enthusiasm for learning big data financial analysis skills and enhance their competitiveness in the workplace. The Competition introduced the 1 + X big data financial analysis skill level certificate training system to cater to the talent demand for jobs in enterprises, which is an effective practice of comprehensive education of “jobs, courses, competitions and certificates”.

We can cultivate students’ thinking of big data financial analysis, improve their professional skills and professional quality of big data financial analysis, and enhance their professional competitiveness by attending competitions.