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The Online Teaching of African Chinese Class in Our School Was Officially Launched in the Autumn of 2022

作者:    信息来源:    发布时间: 2022-10-31

On the evening of October 12, the opening ceremony of the online teaching of African Chinese Class in the autumn of 2022 was successfully held through the Dingding Meeting. Gao Suling, Director of the Scientific Research Foreign Affairs Office, Zhao Shufang, Dean of the School of Humanities and Education,

Mr. Wu Yong from Henan Lianfei Business Information

Consulting Co., Ltd., relevant personnel of the Scientific Research Foreign Affairs Office, international Chinese teachers and students of African Classes participated in the opening ceremony of through video link. This opening ceremony was presided over by Gao Suling.

Starting from the friendly relations between China and Africa, Gao Suling welcomed African students to join the Chinese language class in our school and introduced the development history, faculty, department setting and professional features of our school. Gao Suling expressed her hope for the teachers and students participating in this course. She hoped that the two countries could learn from each other and progress together, further strengthen China-Africa friendly relations, strive to build a community with a shared future for mankind, and contribute intelligence and wisdom to world peace and development.

Zhao Shufang made teaching arrangements on Chinese as a Foreign Language, and proposed disciplinary requirements. The course is offered in two semesters, with four hours a week. Shi Shuanghui is responsible for teaching the course. On the premise of abiding by international rules, students shall abide by classroom discipline, actively cooperate with the teacher, strengthen classroom interaction, and complete the test at the end of the semester. We wish students success and great achievements.

Wu Yong briefly explained the management arrangement of the student's learning process in this session. Later, the international Chinese teacher started the online class for the first time.

International Chinese online teaching is a beneficial exploration of t internationalization process under the influence of the pandemic, which mainly lays a language foundation for recruited international students, eliminates communication barriers and facilitates their subsequent professional learning. The African Chinese class together with the Tanzania Chinese class, the African Chinese class for international students, and the Russian classes in Russia and Ukraine starting in the spring of 2022 constitute the layout of international students' education in our school, which reflects the normal Chinese teaching in our school and is also an important measure in the internationalization process of our school. At present, the online teaching of these international Chinese classes is being carried out in an orderly manner.