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The College Participated in the Selection and Review of the Second Batch of the “Tanzania National Occupational Standards Development Project”

作者:    信息来源:    发布时间: 2022-10-31

The project approval and construction unit selection review meeting of the second batch of the “Tanzania National Occupational Standards Development Project” jointly sponsored by China and Africa Vocational Education Alliance and China and Africa (Chongqing) Vocational Education Alliance was held through Tencent Meeting on the morning of October 9, 2022. Dou Ruimu, vice president of Henan Vocation College of Agriculture, attended the review meeting, and Qian Zhiwei, dean of the School of Food Engineering attended the defense meeting.

This selection mainly focused on the vocational skills positions in key national industries in Tanzania. The relevant domestic vocational standards were selected and revised according to the local conditions, then registered and certified according to the relevant national processes of Tanzania, and incorporated into the national vocational education system of Tanzania together with the supporting professional teaching standards to guide national vocational colleges of Tanzania to carry out talent training. This development project has set up professional standards for 93 different occupations including construction, manufacturing, aquaculture, energy, minerals, tourism, chemical industry and other industries, attracting more than 120 higher vocational colleges from all over the country to participate in this batch of Tanzania national occupational standards development projects. Combined with its advantages, Henan Vocation College of Agriculture applied for the selection defense of NTA-4 international occupational standard construction for food safety management technicians (engineers).

Qian Zhiwei, dean of the School of Food Engineering, made defense statements from the aspects of the professional foundation, faculty, international cooperation and exchange, experience of similar projects, supporting measures, and funding arrangements, which were highly praised by the attending experts.