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College Leaders Visited Well-known Alumni Cheng Xiangwen and Ru Zhengang

作者:    信息来源:    发布时间: 2022-09-28

On August 28, Chen Jianjun, the secretary of the Party committee, Yang Xianqin, deputy secretary of the Party committee, and Men Baoquan, director of the Propaganda Department, went to Hebi Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Henan Institute of Science and Technology to visit two well-known alumni, Cheng Xiangwen, winner of the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, and Ru Zhengang, a famous wheat breeding expert in China.

Chen Jianjun and his accompanying members first came to Henan Institute of Science and Technology to visit and interview alumnus Ru Zhengang who stuck to his scientific research post. In the interview, Ru Zhengang reviewed his study at his alma mater and the teachers who were knowledgeable and devoted to teaching, strict but caring for students, and also pay attention to professional teaching and enlightening students. When talking about the current agricultural vocational education, Ru Zhengang hopes that his alma mater can continue to create new glory, maintain the direction of vocational education, and train a large number of practical agricultural technical talents for the country.

On the afternoon of the same day, Chen Jianjun and his accompanying members came to Hebi Academy of Agricultural Sciences to visit alumnus Cheng Xiangwen who still led the team to tackle key problems in scientific research at an old age. Chen Jianjun and Yang Xianqin had a cordial conversation with Mr. Cheng, introduced the development of the school to him, and visited the exhibition hall of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences with Mr. Cheng's deeds as the main line, expressing their admiration for Mr. Cheng's great spirit of devoting himself to the breeding cause. Chen Jianjun said that Mr. Cheng will always be a role model to learn from and the pride of our school. The well-known alumni represented by him will always be the "treasure" of our school!

Later, Mr. Cheng expressed his gratitude for the cultivation of his alma mater, congratulated his alma mater on its 70th birthday, and wished his alma mater to create greater glories, train more agricultural talents for the country and make greater contributions to the great cause of national rejuvenation.

The visit to well-known alumni by the College leaders on the occasion of the 70th anniversary strengthened the ties between the school and alumni, promoted the school anniversary work, and accumulated alumni resources and strength for the development of the school.