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College Leaders Went to Wantan Town Experimental Field to Conduct Field Investigation on Fresh Edible Maize Varieties

作者:    信息来源:    发布时间: 2022-09-28

On September 14, the Scientific Research and Foreign Affairs Office invited leaders and experts such as Dou Ruimu, Zhang Xianqi and Chen Yueying, vice presidents of the College, to investigate the experimental demonstration project of fresh edible maize varieties in Wantan Town, the "Innovation Team of Crop Variety Breeding and High-yield Cultivation" of our school.

To speed up the adjustment of agricultural structure and enrich the “vegetable basket”, the College bred and introduced 68 fresh edible maize varieties for experiment and demonstration. Leaders and experts carefully investigated the field growth and performance of each fresh edible maize variety and compared and evaluated the commodity quality of the varieties.

During the investigation, the leaders and experts of the College pointed out that Wanbang Agricultural Products Wholesale Market is a distribution center with a large wholesale volume of fresh edible maize with a fresh ear in China, and Henan has a unique regional advantage in popularizing new varieties and technologies of fresh edible maize. Experts stressed that our school should carry out research on the breeding of new varieties and the research and development of green, light and simplified cultivation standards, actively serve the production of urgently needed high-quality nutritious fresh edible maize varieties and support green prevention and control technologies for pests and diseases, strengthen the experiment and demonstration of new varieties and technologies, and serve the supply-side structural reform in the agriculture sector, rural revitalization and increase farmers' income.

Fresh edible maize is a kind of nutritious and healthy food with high protein and low fat, and a fruit and vegetable which can provide nutritious and healthy dietary fiber. It is well received by the market for its rich nutrition, unique flavor and good palatability. The development of the fresh edible maize industry is a change from "eating full" to "eating well", and from a single variety to wide varieties.