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Our College Welcomed Freshmen of Grade 2022

作者:    信息来源:    发布时间: 2022-09-28

In the charming season of autumn, On the premise of strictly implementing the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control, more than 3,500 freshmen from the province gathered in Henan Vocation College of Agriculture with beautiful dreams and aspirations on September 24 and 25, where they will start a new journey and write a new chapter of their lives.

Chen Jianjun, the secretary of the Party committee, Liu Rongning, Vice President of the College, and other leaders came to the registration office of secondary schools to learn about the registration of freshmen and guide the orientation.

The college set up reception stations for freshmen at Zhongmou County East Bus Station, West Bus Station and Zhengzhou High-speed Railway Station to welcome freshmen.

At the school gate, students entered the campus safely according to the epidemic prevention and control procedures, such as scanning the QR code, taking temperature, disinfecting luggage, etc.

At the reception site, the College organized more than 400 volunteers to help new students carry their luggage, guide them to register and keep order.

The strict epidemic prevention and control measures, hospitable volunteer service, and warm greetings made the freshmen feel at home.

After the freshmen registered, the College will carry out 7-day apartment grid management of “Home Health Monitoring” at the dormitory, care and guidance to ensure the safety of students and the stability of the campus, and promote the epidemic prevention and control and the smooth implementation of education and teaching in a stable and orderly manner.

To ensure the safe and smooth arrival of freshmen, the College insisted on the principle of early arrangement, early deployment and early implementation, and made overall plans for freshmen registration according to the requirements of relevant documents on epidemic prevention and control at higher levels, combined with local epidemic prevention requirements and the actual situation of the school.