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Our College’s English Teaching Skills Training Class Ended Successfully

作者:    信息来源:    发布时间: 2021-03-02

To improve the bilingual teaching ability of the professional teachers of our college, cultivate a high-level faculty, and help to construct a “Double High” college, from January 4 to 10, 2021, the Scientific Research and Foreign Affairs Office organized the young backbone professional teachers to participate in the “English Teaching Skills Training Class”. 26 teachers participated in the training class. The Continuing Education Training Center of the School of Economics of Henan University undertook the training. On January 4, Dou Ruimu, the vice president of our college, Gao Suling, Director of the Scientific Research and Foreign Affairs Office, and the leaders of the School of Economics of Henan University held a class opening ceremony for all teachers participating in the training. At the opening ceremony, Dou Ruimu emphasized the need for the training, pointed out the training tasks, and put forward the training requirements.

This training is carried out in three aspects, teacher’s instruction, demonstration class observation, and the trainee’s on-site teaching. In terms of teacher’s instruction, the professional teachers of Henan University mainly taught courses such as teaching methods, interactive cases, the use of multimedia, and English pronunciation correction in English teaching. In terms of demonstration class, the teachers taught English demonstration classes in Computer, Environment, Life Science, Traditional Chinese Culture, China-Tanzania relations, and several other disciplines with their solid professional knowledge and fluent English. Under the direction and encouragement of the trainers, on January 6, the trainees of the training class came up to the platform and demonstrated a professional lecture in English one by one.

Besides the teachers’ instruction and trainees’ lectures, this training also required a 3-minute English speech before each class, English topic video recording and performance of English scene play every night. To prepare the after-class topic video, speech before class, and lecture courseware, the trainees worked late every day, but everyoneworked hard, rose to the challenge, and completed the tasks within the specified time with guaranteed quality and quantity. The trainees’ learning attitude and enthusiasmof constantly improving also infected everyone present. In the beginning, the trainees were nervous, and lack of confidence, but they finally expressed themselves bravely, fluently, and freely. The trainees said that although language learning is a long-term process, they now dare to speak English and learned a lot of teaching knowledge through this centralized training.

Through this training and the subsequent English training, relevant professional teachers will be competent for bilingual teaching, projects cooperation, services for foreign technical skills project, etc. The training will also create a bilingual teaching environment throughout the college. The college will explore bilingual teaching methods and means, develop our teachers’ international teaching ability, and bring our international development process to a new level.