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The Second Batch of Freshmen of Grade 2020 of Henan Vocational College of Agriculture Successfully Completed Registration

作者:    信息来源:    发布时间: 2020-12-21

On October 17, the second batch of freshmen of Grade 2020 successfully completed their registration. Chen Jianjun, the secretary of the Party committee, Liu Yuan, the President, and Zhang Xianqi, the vice president, came to the reception station to check on the freshmen registration of Grade 2020.

Due to the large number of students, heavy tasks, and the epidemic prevention and control pressure, school leaders, departments, secondary schools attached great importance to the freshmen reception. By advanced planning and meticulous organization, they carefully developed a work plan and emergency response plan for the freshmen reception, held the freshmen reception conference, clarified responsibilities and defined individual responsibility. Each process and post coordinated effectively and cooperated closely. Top leaders of the party committee and management of the college directed in the first line for the epidemic prevention and control and freshmen reception, coordinated and solved all kinds of problems at work to ensure that the freshmen reception is carried out efficiently and effectively.

Chen Jianjun went to the freshmen service stations of the School of Electromechanical Engineering, the School of Animal Husbandry Engineering, and the School of Finance and Accounting, and had a cordial talk with the staff, asked in detail about the freshmen registration, and thanked the teachers and students who worked hard in the first line. Chen Jianjun said that the freshmen reception is carried out in the background of regular epidemic prevention and control, all departments should carry out the enrollment education for freshmen, meanwhile it should conduct other work in strict accordance with the school epidemic prevention and control requirements, and further strengthen education of epidemic prevention and control knowledge and publicity of the anti-epidemic spirit. Chen Jianjun said that we should be enthusiastic and careful in the freshmen reception to show our humanistic care and the best spirit of students and teachers.

Liu Yuan led the propaganda department of the Party committee, the students’ affairs department of the Party committee, the security department and other functional department heads to go into the school cafeteria, freshmen reception service stations, dormitories and school entrances to inspect the dining and accommodation of the freshmen. In the cafeteria, Liu Yuan asked students with concern, "Is the food to your liking? Is the price reasonable? Is one serving of food enough...”, Liu Yuan wen to the dormitory area, and randomly selected Room 214 of Building 6 to ask the freshmen, “Are you satisfied with the facilities in the dormitory? Are you satisfied with the hygiene of the dormitory? Where are you from?....” He welcomed the new students to the Vocational College of Agriculture. At the gate of the school, Liu Yuan talked to the parents of freshmen. Parents expressed their appreciation on the “one-to-one" volunteer provided by the school. Freshmen were very touched by the concern from the school leadership, teachers, and seniors. Students expressed their affirmation of the freshmen reception work.

After the freshmen got enrolled, the school will carry out entrance education for the new students through professional education, anti-epidemic spirit education, financial aid policy propaganda, safety education, learning the key systems of the school, visiting the school history museum, to help students of Grade 2020 to complete the role change for the university students in the new era as soon as possible, and to continuously improve the students' ability of "self-education, self-management, self-service, and self-supervision", and successfully start a new chapter of university life.

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