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The College conducts the 2021 Provincial Key R&D and Promotion Special (Scientific Problem Tackling, Soft Science Research) Project Recommendation Review Meeting

作者:    信息来源:    发布时间: 2020-12-21

According to the requirements of Notice on Organizing the Application of 2021 Provincial Key R&D and Promotion Special Projects (Science Scientific Problem Tackling, Soft Science Research) by the Science and Technology Department of Henan Province and the Department of Finance of Henan Province, on September 29, the Scientific Research Foreign Affairs Office held the recommendation review meeting of the projects in the Lecture Hall of Academic Exchange Center.
Regarding project applications this time, the Scientific Research Foreign Affairs Office focused on the implementation of the "double-high" construction tasks, with the goal of promoting the overall level of scientific research in our school. At the beginning of the application, a wide range of publicity and mobilization were carried out. Our teachers actively participated in the application, both the quantity and quality of applications have significantly improved over previous years. Based on the characteristics of the discipline, and centered on the college's "double-high" construction and professional layout, the application groups not only optimized the research ideas, reformed the research methods, and innovated the research system in the featured areas - planting, breeding, and processing, but also carried out bold innovation and practice in the field of electronics, machinery and other research areas, and thus formed a featured project which takes "agriculture, rural areas, farmers" as the subject, focuses on the advantages of agricultural resources, and serves the agricultural industry transformation and upgrading.
Dou Ruimu, Vice President of the College, reiterated the review requirements, key points, emphasized the project characteristics, innovation and other relevant requirements, and explained in details the significance of this review meeting for "double high" construction of the College, and the important value of the College’s development in "The Fourteenth Five-year Plan" period.
Zhu Weijun, head of the Jury Group, said that the Jury Group should have a true understanding of the spirit of the superior department, further grasp the core meaning of the evaluation, highlight the characteristics of the college and "double high", measure with “high standards, high norms, high quality”, and review seriously by keeping in mind the original intention and taking heavy responsibility boldly.
Gao Suling, Director of the Scientific Research Foreign Affairs Office, read out documents of superior departments and the review plan, and explained the reporting requirements of the project teams. The meeting was presided by Gao Suling.

Project teams will present their projects after the reporting order is determined by drawing lots. After reviewing the project materials, listening to the report and project inquiry, the jury will offer suggestions and make a comprehensive evaluation of the project. According to the evaluation results of the Jury Group, combined with the document requirements and school development needs, 15 science and technology key projects and 5 soft science projects will be recommended to the Science and Technology Department of Henan Province.