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Liu Yuan, Secretary of the College Party Committee, and President Liu Rongning Leading a Team to Inspect the Preparation for the Start of the School Year

On September 1, Liu Yuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College, Liu Rongning, President, Zhou Shifeng, Vice President, and Men Baosheng, Vice President, led the heads of relevant functional departments to conduct campus security checks in the teaching buildings, student apartments, student canteens, experimental training rooms, etc., before the start of the autumn semester, and guide the preparation for the start of the new semester.

Liu Yuan affirmed the preparatory work of relevant functional departments, and asked all departments to attach great importance to the matter and coordinate the resources, rectify the problems found during the check in a timely manner, and build a strong defense of campus security so that the College could welcome the arrival of students with heart-warming measures.

Liu Rongning mentioned that they should refine the work plan and start from the details, taking into consideration the needs of students. They should also take the initiative to shape a conducive atmosphere for the new students, and do a great job of teaching preparation and service security work, aiming to ensure a safe and orderly opening of the new semester.