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The College Organized a Tomb Sweeping Day Memorial Activity to Pay Tribute to Heroes and Martyrs

The spring breeze and drizzle can neither express my infinite love for the revolutionary martyrs nor convey my endless grief for the spirit of the martyrs. On the occasion of the Tomb Sweeping Day, the College organized a Tomb Sweeping Day memorial activity to pay tribute to heroes and martyrs.

To follow the footprint of heroes, cherish the memory of the martyrs, and carry forward the heroic spirit, on the morning of April 2, our college organized representatives of teachers and students to visit Yanjin County, Xinxiang City - the hometown of martyr Xiao Siyuan. In the Martyrs Cemetery of Yanjin County, all the representatives of teachers and students presented flower baskets and stood in silent tribute to martyr Xiao Siyuan in front of the martyrs’ monument. After the silent tribute, student representatives said affectionately, “Senior fellow Xiao Siyuan, you are a fearless fighter and a hero who protects our homes and safeguards our country. We will certainly carry forward your spirit of fearing no sacrifice and dedication to the country.” Later on, students placed cards written with reverence for the heroes and martyrs in the flower basket to express their grief. In front of the tombs of the martyrs, all teachers and students bowed and paid the highest tribute to the martyrs.

At the same time, the College organized student representatives to come to the Martyrs Cemetery in Zhongmou County to carry out the Qingming tomb-sweeping activities. In Martyrs Cemetery in Zhongmou County, the honor guard of our college laid a wreath to the martyrs. All teachers and students stood in silent tribute, paid their tribute in an orderly manner, bowed to the martyrs to show their respect. In the end, students visited the Martyrs Memorial Hall.

By carrying out Tomb Sweeping Day memorial activity to pay tribute to heroes and martyrs, the College guides the young people to take the martyrs as examples, reflect on the meaning of life in the memorial and recall of the martyrs, establish the correct outlook on life and value, inspire students and teachers to uphold, carry forward and inherit the heroic spirit, and enhance the patriotism and national consciousness of teachers and students. Students and teachers should welcome the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China in a hard-working and enthusiastic spirit.