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Henan Vocational College of Agriculture International Exchange and Cooperation

Under the guidance of “the Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era” by Xi Jinping, for the international exchange and cooperation of Henan Vocational College of Agriculture, we earnestly implement the spirit of the Ministry of Education of “further expanding education opening”, actively promote the process of internationalization opening, and broaden the fields and channels of international cooperation and exchange. We have constructed a new pattern of “all-round, multi-level and wide-ranging” international cooperation and exchange. Great progress has been made in foreign exchange and cooperation, overseas exchange and training for faculty, the introduction of foreign intelligence, the development of international education, and student exchange on study and practice.

I. International Exchange and Cooperation
In recent years, we have established cooperative relationship with educational institutions from Malaysia, Canada, South Korea, Spain, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and other countries.
In 2013, Henan Vocational College of Agriculture was officially awarded as the authorized representative of the Malaysia Overseas Study Service Center in Henan Province, which is the Malaysia Sunshine Overseas Study Education Training Center.
In 2016, we signed a Sino-German educational exchange and cooperation framework agreement with the German BSK International Education Institute.
Since 2016, we and Kyungil University have developed cooperation in many aspects: first, Henan Vocational College of Agriculture offers Korean elective courses to enhance students’ Korean language skills; second, selects professional teachers to receive academic training and study in South Korea to strengthen our exchange; third, selects students for a study tour and oversea study in South Korea.
In 2017, we signed a cooperative education agreement with Universidad Europea del Atlántico on the basis of mutual cooperation and exchange.
In 2018 and 2019, we exchanged visits with Tanzania and Ethiopia many times. China and Africa have reached cooperation in Tanzanian students enrollment, short-term skills training, staff exchange, and the establishment of Shennong College of Henan Vocational College of Agriculture in Tanzania.
II. Foreign Experts and Scholars Visit our College
To expand international exchange and cooperation, Henan Vocational College of Agriculture has received many experts from foreign universities and institutions, including the international director of SEGi University Malaysia, Mr. Yoichi Yoshimura (a human resources consultant from Okayama County, Japan), the project leader of the German BSK project, the Counselor of the Embassy of the Central African Republic in China, the Dean of International Exchange College of Kyungil University in Korea, the President of Universidad Europea del Atlántico in Spain, the trainees of the South and Southeast Asia Horticultural Crop Cultivation and Pest Control Training Course, and the experts in the fields of agriculture and education in Tanzania and Ethiopia, etc.
III. Teachers Going Abroad for Exchange and Training
In recent years, we have sent over 100 backbone teachers for exchange and training to the United States, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, South Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Japan, etc.
IV. Introduction of Foreign Human Resources
To improve our students’ English skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, we have actively introduced a number of cultural and educational experts from the United States, South Africa, and other countries to teach professional oral language courses such as business English.
V. Students Going Abroad for Exchange and Study
In recent years, we have provided a variety of overseas exchange and study platforms, including inter-college student exchange programs and joint training programs.
Based on the cooperation with Kyungil University in South Korea, we have launched a short-term study tour in South Korea. Since 2016, a total of 4 groups of more than 50 students have participated in the short-term study tour in South Korea. Since 2017, many students have successfully gone to South Korea for overseas study through Sino-Korea cooperation programs.
VI. Actively Developing International Education
Henan Vocational College of Agriculture actively carries out Sino-foreign cooperative education programs and vigorously implements the strategy of “bringing in” and “going out”. In 2014, we recruited the first Tanzanian international student, and the student successfully received his graduation certificate in July 2014.
Through cooperation and exchange with Tanzania, we recruited another 14 Tanzanian international students, but by now they are unable to study in China due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Figure 1 and 2, BSK International Education Institute in Germany visited our college and signed a Sino-German Education Exchange and Cooperation Framework Agreement with us

Figure 3: Henan Vocational College of Agriculture and Kyungil University in South Korea signed a cooperation agreement

Figure 4: Henan Vocational College of Agriculture signed a cooperation agreement with Universidad Europea del Atlántico in Spain